White Dwarf Magazine September 2017 - 30th Anniversary Edition!

The Ultimate Warhammer Magazine - September 2017 - Available 9/1


Coming Friday we have an exciting new version of White Dwarf Magazine (the September edition) hitting the shelves. Not only is it the Ultimate Warhammer 40k Magazine, but this particular edition is also the Celebratory 30th Anniversary of 40k. This Anniversary Package comes with 2 Free Massive Posters inside the Magazine (pictures below) -- and special features including the history of Warhammer 40k, Mortarion: Primarch of the Death Guard's Return, Four Exceptional Armies in a Tale of Four Warlords, Art, Interviews, and Huge Battlescenes, and Exclusive Model and Painting Guides. This edition also includes the Blood of Heroes, which is two huge Battle Reports back-to-back, along with an Inside look at the Generals Handbook 2017, and more. White Dwarf the September 2017 edition will be available at Mishap Games tomorrow, 9/1. 




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