NEW: Giant d20 Plushie, Dice Restock, 8-bit Dice Sets!

Attention Roleplay Gamer/Dice Enthusiasts!

We FINALLY got a bunch of new and amazing products in stock that correspond with dice and accessories. And well, if you're like me, you have way too big of an obsession with dice to let this stuff pass you by. For starters, James ordered an adorable and perfect addition to any Roleplay Gamer's home: a giant, plush version of a d20! Coming in the lovely color of black, this plush fur-covered pillow is perfect for any gender -- making it a fantastic gift for your friends or DnD group! This plushie dice is available at Mishap Games for $19.99.



We've also nearly doubled our stock on Chessex Dice -- expanding the colors and patterns available significantly. These dice are great additions to your roleplay group to customize your campaign experience! These dice are available now at Mishap Games from $3.85 - $9.98 a set.

We've also got these adorable new 8-Bit Dice Sets for your nerdy collection. Channel your inner Hipster with our Giant Green Foam Rolling Dice Set, Mustache dice, or even the 90's nostalgia of the 8-bit hearts and monsters. These sets are available now at Mishap Games from $4.95 (hipster dice) - $19.99 (foam dice).

Come pick up these new accessories at your favorite nerd store, Mishap Games. 



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