New Co-op Board Game: Mountains of Madness

Inspired from the novel by H.P Lovecraft, comes...

Mountains of Madness! In this new fully cooperative board game (with a pinch of real-time gameplay) for 2-5 players, it is the year 1931. The players' "scientific expedition" has led them to a deep and interesting mountain range in the middle of the Antarctic polar circle. In these hazardous and wintery conditions, survival relies on the players ability to work together to overcome each obstacle -- via communication and coordination. However, a new and startling discovery upon the highest peak tests even the strongest players' mental health. Will you and your team be able to overcome and even understand yourselves in the midst of madness? In the board game category of horror, novel-based, and real-time gaming comes "Mountains of Madness". Intended for players age 12+, with an average game time of 60-90 minutes.

Mountains of Madness is currently available at Mishap Games for $39.99. Get it before your "sanity" runs out!


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