Starfinder: The New Sci-Fi RPG - 8/17/17

Available Now -- Starfinder RPG Rulebook and Accessories!

Core RuleBook

NEW from Paizo: A Sci-Fi RPG that has been described as "Pathfinder in Space" -- as it uses the popular game, Pathfinder RPG's rules and campaign setting. With armor and weapons such as powered armor and magic-infused laser rifles, players in this roleplay game investigate the mysteries of the strange universe with their starship crew. Using the Core RuleBook (pictured above), GM's will have all the information available to play or run a game of Starfinder. This game encompasses 7 different character classes, such as the elite soldier, stealthy operative, physics-hacking technomancer, and mind-bending mystic. It also contains multiple familiar and new character races to choose from, such as androids, insectile shirrens, ratlike ysoki, reptilian vesk, and of course, dwarves and elves from the "distant future". The Rulebook also contains in-depth exploration of Starfinder environment and lore, including but not limited to, it's planets, gods, factions, and threats. Players have available to them hundreds of unique weapons, spells, technological gadgets, magic items, and etc. to further customize their characters. The Rulebook also contains the complete rules guide for using Starships, such as customization of these ships and space combat. As this game is in a similar vein to Pathfinder, this Core Rulebook also has rules and tips on how to use Pathfinder's content within the Starfinder universe, for those of you who also enjoy the Pathfinder game. The Core Rulebook, along with other accessories pictured (descriptions and individual prices below) is available now at Mishap Games for $59.99.


Dead Sons Adventure Path: Incident at Absalom Station

This Adventure Path is an expansion to the Core Rulebook, for those who are interested in trying out this game with a pre-made story. This can be helpful to new GM's and can even help inspire ideas or allow "home-brewing" of certain details of the story to a unique storyline for your players. This expansion follows a ship without a crew: where a gang war erupts on a docking station in Absalom Station -- and the player characters are then recruited to investigate the bloodshed by the innocuous Starfinder Society. The investigation runs in to a sort of conspiracy of sorts, as players soon find out that both sides of the war were merely paid to start the riot, indicting the two rival mining companies in the area. These mining companies are fighting for a new arrival in orbit: a mysteriously deserted ship along with a strange asteriod recovered from the Drift. However, what players end up setting in motion by investigating this seemingly abandoned ship could threaten the entirety of the Pact worlds, potentially changing the galaxy forever. This volume of the Starfinder Adventure Path includes:

- The Starfinder Adventure Path for 1st-level characters

- A gazatteer of Absalom Station, by James L. Sutter.

- Magical Relics inspired by the lost planet Golarion, by Owen K. Stephens.

- An archive of all the new alien creatures, by Jason Keeley and Robert G. McCreary.

- Statistics and deck plans for a new starship designed specifically for the player characters, along with details on a new planet in the Codex of Worlds, by Robert G. McCreary.

This wonderful and exciting new Adventure Path is available at Mishap Games for $22.99 - a perfect addition for starting players and GM's in the Starfinder Universe!


Starfinder Player Character Folio

This accessory for Starfinder is a great utlility for any serious player, as it allows players and GM's to fully detail the heroes and document their exploits. This is a deluxe and innovative character record that provides space for pretty much everything you need to know and remember about your Starfinder Hero. The Folio's 16 character-defining pages include:

- Expanded space for a hero's attacks, defenses, feats, and class features.

- Quick reference charts for everything, including combat and character advancement.

- Plenty of space to track hero's gear, items, and etc.

- Places to chronicle the players achievements, goals, and history. 

- Folder flaps to organize and hold hand-outs and other documents.

This helpful folio is a perfect way to keep your players organized and informed for each session. The Starfinder Character Folio is available at Mishap Games for only $9.99.


Starfinder Combat Pad (White Board)

In terms of combat, keeping up with turns and initiatives in RPG's can get a little dicey for GM's: especially with more than 4 players, and multiple enemies. With this new Combat Pad for Starfinder, players and GM's will never miss a turn or mess up the initiative order during combat. While particularly for Starfinder, this board will work well with any RPG, as it is an erasable wet and dry-erase board that includes magnets that stick right to it. How it works: List the names of the heroes and foes on the magnets provided using a dry erase marker, placing each character in the proper initiative order. When the order changes, simply slide the magnets to the proper places, and take the uncertainty out of combat in your campaign. This set includes:

- 1 Double sided magnetic Wet and Dry Erase Board, with two different sides that are specifically designed for tactical and Starship combat.

- 2 Sheets of magnets, each with:

   13 light blue player character magnets,

   13 Orange enemy magnets, and 9 Dark blue NPC magnets

   2 Round arrows, 2 Turn arrows, and 2 Next Round magnets.

For only $24.99, this Combat Pad for Starfinder is a perfect addition for any roleplay gamer, as it encompasses great utility for combat and is flexible to any RPG. This set is currently available at Mishap Games as of 8/17/17.


Starfinder Flip-Mat: Basic Starfield

This new and beautifully detailed hexagonal play mat allows players to battle among the stars: or at least appear to with a galaxy backdrop. This mat measures to a whopping 27" x 39" with 1" hexes on each side -- allowing players plenty of room for combat and other situations they may encounter. This mat also folds down to a small 8" x 10" surface, so it is easily stored without any risk of damage. With two choices of scenery, this playmat gives a little flexibility in environment choices: A starry void in deep space with the brilliant radiance of a nebula, allowing players to imagine and play out epic starship battles. The other side of the playmat contains a simple starry background, creating a simple non-distracting enviroment to pair with an engaging storyline. This Flip-Mat for Starfinder is available at Mishap Games for $19.99 and can be used for any RPG that encompasses a sci-fi fantasy theme.

Starfinder GM Screen

Last, but certainly not least, comes a pertinent accessory for any serious game master in roleplay gaming. This beautiful, detailed, and informative GM screen allows you to protect important notes and die rolls from players' prying eyes -- with four stand-up wide panels that feature stunning artwork from Ignacio Bazan Lazcano on the player side: and a huge number of tools and tables on the GM's side. The informative side of the GM screen allows you to speed up your playtime with key figures at your fingertips. These tips include helpful rules and reminders about Tactical and Starship combat, Skill Difficulty Classes, Common Conditions, Environmental Radiation, Zero Gravity, and more. This Screen is constructed from ultra-high-grade hardcover book stock, allowing a durable and handy accessory for convention play or home use. If you've ever played D&D with a DM screen, you'll know how handy this item can be for the players without having to reference the Rulebook every encounter. The Starfinder GM Screen is available at Mishap Games for $19.99, pick up yours today!



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