MINI-GAME SALE!! Up to 30% off on your favorites.

Super Sale on Miniature Games through Monday!

That's right guys! This sale lasts through Monday, and ALL of our stock of Miniature Games (*exclusions apply) are up to 30% off. All Games Workshop Miniatures (40k, Age of Sigmar), excluding anything that's come out within the last 30 days are 15% off. Privateer Press Games (Warmachine Hordes), Magazines, and all Star Wars Miniatures (X-Wing, Armada, Imperial Assault) are 20% off. Everything else in our vast Miniature section (excluding paints, tools, and new items) are all 30% off. This can include Historical/Fantasy figures, Miniature Game boxes (i.e: Test of Honor), Books, and Magazines.

Make sure you get in here before the sale ends, as we are expecting a busy weekend!

Only @ Mishap Games.


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