A Song of Ice and Fire: the Game of Thrones RPG

Inspired by George R.R Martin's Novels comes A Song of Ice and Fire: the RPG

For any fans of the Song of Ice and Fire Book Series, or the newer television show "Game of Thrones" from HBO, comes this Roleplaying Game based on the world of dragons, noble houses, and white walkers. With this game, players can use the already fleshed out seemingly medieval world of fantasy to write their own stories in, with the gameplay centered on noble houses instead of individual characters. This game requires two core books: the Rules, which can cover everything from character creation and noble houses to the details of mass combat play; (This rulebook won the Silver ENnie Award for Best Rules in 2009.) The second book is a Campaign Guide, and it helps guide the DM by describing Westeros in lavish details -- providing the full text on the major regions and principle players in the Game of Thrones series. Also included is a Peril at Kings Landing, which is an adventure to help kick-start any campaign.

Create your own tales of the Seven Kingdoms with A Song of Ice and Fire RPG: Both the Rulebook and Campaign Guide are available @ Mishap Games for $49.95 each. 




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