Travel Battle: the Tabletop Wargame in a Box

Travel Battle: From the Designers of Games Workshop (Warhammer) and WarGames Foundry

From Wargame Miniature Sculptors Alan and Michael Perry (aka tabletop royalty in the industry) comes a portable 8mm all-in-one Napoleonic war game. With an ingenious design for it's box, Travel Battle contains a handle and foam packaging that are sturdy enough to ensure safety of the game in any travel condition -- and when opened also entails detailed maps, rules, and a large number of plastic sprues to easily cut out miniature pieces. This game also includes: 160 Infantry Figures, 24 Cavalry Figures, 4 Guns with 12 Crew, 6 Brigadiers, Two 10" x 10" 3D Terrain Boards, 6 Buildings, 2 Forests with Removable Canopies, 4 Dice, and 1 Set of Rules & Painting Instructions. The two maps are separated by 1" squares molded in green plastic that is geomorphic: in that you can connect various terrain features that will always line up. The soldier miniatures come in shades of red and blue, and the rules are quite simple (based on a set produced by Mike Perry in the 90's) with the rulebook only being 8-pages long (including the painting guide). The contents of this guide includes the 6 Types of Troops Used, Assembling and Organizing your Army, Sequence of Play including Movement, Artillery Fire, Melee, Rally, and Squares;, Victory Conditions, and at last, the Painting Guide.

Travel Battle, the Portable Miniature Wargame is currently available at Mishap Games for $75.00 -- get it while it lasts!


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