Dresden Files: A Co-op Board Game

Dresden Files: Inspired by the Jim Butcher Novels

Attention Wizards, Co-op Nerds, and Fans of the Bestselling Novels: 

Inspired by the cases in Jim Butcher's Bestselling Novel, this hybrid of a Board/Card Game allows players to become Harry Dresden and his friends as they take on cases with an ultimate what-if scenario -- What if Harry was located at the scene of the crime with unknown allies that weren't seen in the book? The Core Game is made for 1-5 players ages 13+ for about thirty minutes of co-operative card game fun, including popular characters such as Harry, Murphy, Susan, Michael, and the Alphas. Playing as these heroes, you and your friends can explore and play through the first 5 novels with added Side Jobs: a random scenario generator based on the short-story collection of the same name. Players use the shared pool of Fate points to take actions, and can discard to generate additional Fate points for the group along with activating your hero's support abilities. To win the game, players must solve more cases than the number of foes left on the board. This game contains 1 Game Board, 155 Cards (5 Player Decks, 5 Scenario Decks, 1 Random Dcenario Deck), 77 Counters, 8 Dice, 1 Rule Book, and Organizing dividers/Foam Blocks.

Will you make a stand against the darkness with your friends? Dresden Files: The Board Game is available @ Mishap Games for $39.99. 


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