Lovecraft Letter: A World of HP Lovecraft

Lovecraft Letter: A Mix of HP Lovecraft and "Love Letter"

Set in the 1920's after WW1, the world is in a state of confusion as a result of the war -- and you and your friends find yourselves amongst a series of mysterious events and circumstances. Lovecraft Letter combines the Love Letter System with the world of H.P Lovecraft. Surrounded by mysterious figures, letters with "unreadable" texts, and sudden appearances of the unknown -- it is your job to investigate these incidences relying on your connections and powers of deduction. Discover the frightful truths behind the plot of Lovecraft Letter. 


Paying homage to the original Love Letter system, players are given sixteen cards -- although new to the system is are additional cards that grant "insanity" special powers. If you possess one of these insanity cards in your discard pile, your character becomes "insane" for the current round. However, possessing one of these cards is not just a detriment, as on future turns you are allowed to play the insanity card for regular or special powers that give you more options during the gameplay. The risk of undergoing the insanity affect is you must make an "insanity check" at the beginning of each of your turns, and must draw as many cards from the deck as you have insanity in front of you. If you happen to draw another insanity card during this time, your turn is forfeit for the round. If you win the game, either by being the last player standing or the player with the highest single card after the deck runs out, a token is rewarded -- in which the color reflects whether or not you're insane. Once you win enough tokens of the correct type, you win the game. Ctulu may also aid in your win, if you release it at the right time.. 

Lovecraft Letter is a competitive card game for 2-6 people, ages 10+. This game is available at Mishap Games currently for $29.99. Will you aid the world by putting an end to evil by being an investigator, or will you contribute to the destruction by becoming an insane entity? Find out in Lovecraft Letter. 


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