*X-Wing Store Championship 2017 - Saturday - 7/15*

X-Wing Store Championship 2017!

Hey guys! Our Annual X-Wing Store Championship 2017 was held on Saturday at 9:00am and was a huge success! Over 27 people showed up to our store to enter and watch the event. Players battled across star-studded galaxy mats in a total of 5 swiss rounds, with an additional bonus round for the Top 4 Finalists. This tournament was SO much fun, we even decided to open our doors 2 hours early than our usual 11:00am open, as this event lasted until around 8 in the evening. There were many highlights of the event, including one from X-Wing enthusiast Ritchie G. who earned a knock-out score of 7 points for one attack during the second round. 'Talk about a critical! Although the hours may seem perhaps long or daunting to a moderate gamer, players were given a few breaks throughout the day including an hour-long lunch break during the competition. For a $5 entry fee, players were paired together randomly per swiss round with the point maximum for a player being 100 pts. Players were also treated to things such as ice-cream from Brachers next door and Krispee Kreme donuts for the first person knocked out of the tournament, and etc. The top prize was an exquisite silver plaque for X-Wing, along with a ticket to the regional championship. Those coming in 1st-3rd place received an Agent Kallus token, and those who placed 1st-5th place received a set of 1 and 2 range orange rulers. The top 9 received a 1 and 3 range ruler, and all participants in the tournament received an engine upgrade card.

Thanks to everyone who came out and participated, this event was absolutely fantastic and we hope to keep up the momentum for X-Wing enthusiasts for years to come. 


(Pictured Above: Ritchie G. sitting in front of his miniature that dealt 7 damage in one attack during the second round.)


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