Deadline: The Murder Mystery Board Game

Deadline: A Game of Mysteries

"New York, the city that never sleeps. According to the high and mighty, things were supposed to be different in the Big Apple in 1938. No more poverty. Medicine that works. Shining skyscrapers and subway cars, the new age upon us. Sure. So why am I in the same dingy office, with a cheap desk and a cheaper secretary, paid to find a missing husband somewhere out in the mean streets? Simple job, except my wealthy socialite employer was hiding something. She was a good looker but a bad liar. I grabbed my hat and gun. I slipped a flask into the pocket of my overcoat. I was ready to wade into the cesspool." - Game description

From the team that brought you Galactic Empire and others, Deadline is a "film noir" co-operative card game for 2-4 players in which players serve as detectives. In the game, players use special abilities and card management to follow clues and solve an original mystery. This game is categorized under deduction and murder-mystery, with a game usually lasting around 45 minutes, and a recommendation of players age 14 and up. With it's murder-mystery classification and photocards, one can defintitely get a vibe of the game "Clue" as a possible inspiration.

Deadline is available at Mishap Games for $44.99 -- don't wait too long and miss out on this mystery!


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