Tales from the Loop - RPG Similar to "Stranger Things"

Tales from the Loop: Roleplaying In The 80's That Never Was

Sci-Fi Artist Simon Stalenhag has won critical acclaim for his portrayal of  the1980's Swedish Suburbs, populated by machines and strange beasts -- and now, fans can finally step in to the mysterious world of Loop with this epic RPG. Being in the same vein as E.T and the tv show "Stranger Things", players start out as teenagers solving mysteries connected to the Loop. The games' rules are based on Mutant: Year Zero, which also won an award for Best Rules at GenCon 2015. With this game you'll probably need the Core Rulebook, the Gamemasters Screen (if you're DMing), and a set of Tales of the Loop Dice (pictured above and available at Mishap Games.) Once you have these items, you can create unique player characters in minutes, including their skills, items, prides, problems, and relationships. Players can also choose to explore the secrets of the Loop in two game settings: one on the Swedish Malaren Islands, and the other in Boulder City, Nevada. Like stated before, the rules are pretty simple and are based off of Mutant: Year Zero -- allowing players to investigate mysteries and overcome their troubles with the Rulebook. There are four complete scenarios included that are easily tied together through the campaign "Four Seasons of Mad Science". The majority of customers online from this game rave about the amazing flavor content of the story, the solid and tight ruleset, and great production quality. The artwork is also very stellar and grand, setting a great tone for the environment of Roleplaying. 

Tales from the Loop is available at Mishap Games -- with the Rulebook at $45.99, the DM screen for $24.99, and the official set of game dice for $19.99. 


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