*New Demo Table @ the Store Front!*

Fancy trying out some new games?

Mishap Games has gone under a very minor construction to our store front: a brand-new Demo table for our customers to try out games! So far, we've only completed a few game boards (X-Wing) for the table to demo -- however, we do plan to offer a Warhammer 40k display, and other exciting games in the near future that you may want to learn. If you're interested in playing a demo, just ask one of our Mishap Games Staff Members - we'll be happy to guide and teach you about it via a short playthrough. If you happen to really like the game you've played, Mishap Games owns most of the content associated with these games at the store - and there's always events going on for each game on our Calendar that you can sign up for. We're always looking for new players for our Events!

Come check out our new Chalk Board Demo Table -- only @ Mishap Games.


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