Star Wars: Destiny Store Championship 2017 - Saturday 7/8

Star Wars: Destiny Store Championship!

The Destiny Store Championship will be held on Saturday the 8th from 11am - 11pm in the Games Room. The entry fee is $5 per person -- with a super casual environment and tons of space (we've doubled the store size since last year!) You can also find our store fairly easy from the highway. The schedule will proceed as follows: 

Tournament Schedule
11:00-11:30 Registration
11:35-12:10 Round 1
12:15-12:40 Round 2
12:45-1:20 Round 3
1:25-2:25 Break
2:25-3:00 Round 4
3:05-3:40 Round 5
3:45-4:20 Round 6 (if needed)
4:20-4:25 Hand out participation prizes and cut to top 8
4:30-5:05 Top 8 Round 1
5:10-5:45 Top 8 Round 2
5:50-6:25 Top 8 Final Round
Schedule will be shortened accordingly with less players.

To sign up for this event or for more information, click here.

We already have 13 players signed up and plenty of room for more -- all game tables have been reserved for this event.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!



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