TerraTiles: Modular Tabletop Terrain

TerraTiles: Terrain made Easy!

TerraTiles is a very easy and inexpensive way to transform your tabletop gaming into a dramatic and exciting game environment -- without the cost, effort, and storage of building a custom terrain table. This particular box set for Tundras and Wastelands features three unique environments for your battles: a beautiful yet harsh snowy tundra, a bleak and war-torn wasteland, and an eerie winding cavern for underground labyrinths. This set includes 60 full set tiles, and 6 half tiles -- all of which are double sided, creating 132 unique full-color hexes to play with. Each hex is 9 inches and fit together in any orientation, making map-creation and environments particularly easy to set-up. They are compatible with any game, genre, or scale -- including RPG games and miniature games, that fit neatly back in the box for easy storage.

Ultimately, this terrain box set is a fantastic investment for any tabletop gamer, and is available at Mishap Games for $49.99!


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