Magic the Gathering: Hour of Devastation Events Guide

Events Guide for Hour of Devastation

Pre-Release @ Mishap Games: July 9, 2017

12PM - 5PM, $25 Entry Fee.

-Receive standard prerelease pack, including 4 Hour of Devastation boosters, 2 Amonkhet boosters, a randomized premium promo card, spindown life counter, and an insert with a deckbuilding device. 

-3 Swiss rounds of Sealed format will be played.

-Participation prizes and door raffle TBA!

Click here to sign up for this Event.

(See below the Exclusive Spindown Life Counters.)


Draft Weekend @ Mishap Games - July 16, 2017

- 12PM - 4PM; $15 Entry Fee

- Standard Ranked Booster Draft using Hour of Devastation

- 3 Swiss Rounds

- One Booster for each Round won

- All players will receive at least one Booster, and an exclusive foil Promo Card.

- Promo Card has tasks which will be rewarded with Spindown Life Counters upon completion (while supplies last, see below.)

Click here to sign up for this Event, or for more information. 


Magic League @ Mishap Games - July 23rd - August 13th, 2017

- 3PM - 6 PM; $12 One-Time Entry Fee

- Quick start casual program for players of all levels, flexible, lasts 4 weeks.

-You are issued 2 packs of Hour of Devastation, 1 Amonkhet Pack, a League Match Card, and a Special League Box to hold your deck.

- Prizes will be based on League Participation. Certificates will be given.

Click here to sign up or get more information about the first event on July 23rd.


Friday Night Magic @ Mishap Games - July, August, September 2017

- 7PM - 10PM, $15 Entry Fee

- Standard Casual Booster Draft using the Current set.

- 3 Rounds of Swiss, must have 4 players to fire.

- One Booster rewarded for each round won.

-All players will at least receive one booster for participating, along with Friday Night Magic Promo cards.

Click here to view or join the first event for FNM.


Hour of Devastation Game Day @ Mishap Games - August 6th, 2017

- 12PM - 5PM; You'll need your own Standard deck, Min. 60 cards.

You'll also need a method of tracking life totals, as well as tokens, counters, and card sleeves.

- You'll be paired up for multiple friendly rounds of competition. 

- Each round is played best of 3 games match, and winner is reported to organizer.

- Each participant will receive a full-art promo card while supplies last, and the Top 8 Finishers will receive a Premium full-art promo card. 

Click here to view the Event page to Sign up, or for more information.


Buy-A-Box @ Mishap Games - July 14th, 2017

- Each customer that purchases a Full Booster Display will be rewarded with a Special Promo Card.

- Limit 1 per customer per box. 



Thanks guys! We look forward to seeing you all at the Prerelease for HoD. To view our Full Calendar of Events, click here.



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