Blood and Plunder: The Miniature War Game

Aaarrg Mateys -- All hands on deck for 'Ye Blood and Plunder!

Blood and Plunder is 28mm Historical Miniature Game set in the ripe age of Piracy. Yep, that's right! Be prepared to brandish your swords for a swashbuckling adventure in the 17th century. Placed in the New World, players set out to take control of French or English buccaneers, Spanish or English militia, or Spanish guarda costas on the high seas. This game features an innovative initiative system with a simplistic rules system - thus this game is bound to please both casual and competitive players. This game is a very fast-paced miniature game with tactical rules that can be played on any table top in 2 hours. The Rule Book (pictured, right) includes all of the components necessary for land and sea battles (or both simultaneously) - while also accounting for varied factions for players including Spanish, English, and French nationalities. The Rules also allow for ships such as Light Frigates, Brigantines, Sloops, and Longboats. Firelock Games offers a full line of high quality models of the genre, which is also carried at our store (as seen pictured above, Frigate).

The Blood and Plunder Rulebook is available at Mishap Games for $34.99. Playing Dice, Activation Card Decks, Firelock Ship Models, and other extras are also available and are now back in stock - check it out while it lasts.


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