**Free RPG Day Event!!**

**Mishap Games' Annual Free RPG Day!**

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to learn and support all the new and prospective players of the world of Roleplay Gaming. All of the players who showed up to learn and participate in Intro-level roleplay games were also gifted a special item of their choice from a variety of RPG goodies. Our annual Free RPG Day Event is a fantastic way for you or friends to learn about the wondrous and addicting world of roleplay gaming. If you've ever been interested, but perhaps don't have a group or time to test the waters and see if you enjoy playing RPG's, this event is perfect for you. This year was very fun and exciting, we love seeing new faces in our Adventure room! However, if you missed out, don't fret. You can always mark it on your calendar for next year -- or even check our event page, here -- to view and sign up for other RPG related events and group dates.

Our players don't bite! 


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