**NEW In-store Army Painter Paint Rack!**

**New Army Painter Full Display Paint Rack**

Come check out our new in-store display of Army Painter paints for your miniatures! Located next to our Citadel station, AP paints offer a wide array of colors that are not available anywhere else. The paints also come in dropper bottles, as opposed to the usual tubs -- making it uncommon for these paints to dry out. The nozzle top also makes it easier to mix colors, along with being a less expensive option than Citadel. AP is known for their brush handles, as they provide a much nicer grip while you're painting. Quickshade Dip (second photo) can also be quite efficient in shading a Miniature Army. All you have to do is brush it on, or use a pair of pliers to "dip" your miniature in the wash. The dip provides better surface tension (as opposed to regular washes) and thus conserves the highlights and bright colors for dimension. Lastly, along with the new Painting Guide that is offered on the display, Army Painter offers varieties of different colors and Matte Primers for your miniature. This can make painting less time consuming, for example, if your miniature has a lot of the same color for intricate details -- you can simply use that color Primer and fill in the easier parts later.

The new full rack of Army Painter is now available at Mishap Games! Come check out our new variety of paints and brushes.

Regular and Effects Warpaints - $2.99

Metallic and Quickshade Warpaints - $3.25

Quickshade Paint Bucket (Dip) - $29.99

Brushes - $3.50+

Matte Primers - $10.99, Colour Primers: $14.99



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