James D. Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire Tournament

Start Time 6/23/2018 12:00 PM
End Time 6/23/2018 5:00 PM
Entry Fee $10.00
Table Miniature Table (x6)
# of Players 1 - 99

A big Shadespire tournament for big prizes!

We will be using all of the latest FAQs and beta rules. Come on out and become the champion of Mishap games.

-$10 Entry
-Latest Rules and Beta Rules
-Big prize kit. Lot's of prizes for all levels!
-Store credit prizes if we reach 8, 12, and 16 players!


PlayersWho Is Playing

James D.

The Organizer

Michael H.

Reavers or Skaven


Kevin M.

Magore's Fiends

Richard S.

Spiteclaw's Swarm or Magore's Fiends

Kyle S.

Sepulcar Guard

Paul V.

Magores fiends or Stormcast