**Magic Events - Sunday 5/7/17**

**Amonkhet Standard Showdown -- Magic the Gathering**

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Eight people showed up on Sunday from 12:00PM - 3:00PM for the Standard Showdown for Amonkhet, the newest expansion of Magic: The Gathering. With no entry fee, players were awarded 10 reward booster packs amongst eachother, with the winner taking an extra pack -- along with a raffle of even more bonus packs! Thanks and congrats to all that participated and won, this event was really fun for everyone involved. We hope to see all Magic Enthusiasts for our next Showdown! Check out our Event Page to see the next dates.



**Amonkhet League Day**

Our Amonkhet League Day was also on Sunday, where players were able to play eachother casually -- regardless of level of expertise. For just $12 (the cost of 3 booster packs) players are issued 3 Amonkhet Booster Packs, a League Match Card, and a Special League Box to hold their decks. The league lasts for four weeks, and is generally held on Sundays from 3:00PM - 6:00PM for those of you are interested! Creating a 30 card deck from the boosters, players are encouraged to battle as many opponents as they'd like while keeping track of their results on the League Match card. One free mulligan is given per match, as well as prizes that will be awarded on the last Official League Day, May 28th. For more information, you can view the Event page here.




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