*HoD Standard Showdown & League Day Sundays - 7/30*

Magic the Gathering: Standard Showdown/League Day - 7/30!

Hey guys! Our Standard Showdown for this week was a lot of fun -- we had a solid turn out of 8 people to play. These events are usually every Sunday from 12PM - 3PM -- and are free to play. (Next weekend will be Game Day for Hour of Devastation so S.S will be delayed until the 13th. League Day will still be held next Sunday after the event however.) In our Magic Showdowns, we play 3 swiss rounds with matched opponents in a casual and fun environment. Each player receives at least 1 Standard Showdown Pack for participating with the Top 2 contenders scoring an extra pack. Congrats to Michael P. and Nashid T. on being our Top 2 this week! We hope you all enjoyed this week's showdown -- and don't forget about League Day every Sunday from 3PM - 6PM. For just $12, or the price of 3 Boosters, you'll receive 1 Amonkhet Booster, 2 Hour of Devastation Boosters, a League Box for your deck, and a League Score Card. Players in the League keep score of their matches on the score card every League Day, and are free to play as many matches as they desire. After 3 losses, or after another week goes by, players are able to buy another Booster Pack to add to their League Deck. (These boxes must be left at the store during non-league days for the duration of the event, which is 4 weeks). Prizes are based on participation and will be awarded when the event ends (we will have certificates). 

For more information on these events, see the links below.

Next Standard Showdown - 8/13: http://www.mishapgames.com/Event/Detail/5868

HoD League Day - 8/6: http://www.mishapgames.com/Event/Detail/5875

Game Day - Next Sunday 8/6: http://www.mishapgames.com/Event/Detail/5877


And don't worry, if you missed out you can join us next Sunday for League Day (and Game Day) and in 2 weeks for another Standard Showdown.

Don't forget to sign up for these events to get more XP! Only @ Mishap Games.


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