Johnathan P. X-Wing X-Wing: Friday Night Flights

Start Time 6/23/2017 6:00 PM
End Time 6/23/2017 10:00 PM
Points 100
Table Miniature Table (x2)
# of Players 2 - 8

Visiting from out of town and looking to get in some casual games to experiment with lists. Also willing to do casual prep for store championships and nationals (slightly more meta lists). In general though hope to spend evening hanging out, flying casual, and enjoying my time back in Roanoke.

PS - I'll also have my destiny decks/trades with me.

Casual Experienced Advanced Tournament Practice

PlayersWho Is Playing

Johnathan P.

2x Rebel Lists / 2x Imperial Lists / 1x Scum List

Fred U.

Scum or imperial