Don H. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Saving the Kingdom of Gath: A Pathfinder Adventure

Start Time 6/19/2017 6:00 PM
End Time 6/19/2017 10:00 PM
Table RPG Dry Erase Table (x1)
# of Players 2 - 8

A lever was pulled and an alarm sounded, and then they came, creature after creature poured into that tiny room all screaming how their "Dragon" had been killed. The party fought and fought, doing their best but apparently not fighting at their fullest potential (man you rolled some crappy dice rolls). In spite of the difficulty, our intrepid heroes managed to defeat the onslaught. In the aftermath after a little rummaging, the druid found a book that appeared to have magical properties. The sorceress was given the book to check out and it appears to be a journal that writes itself in the hand of the sorceress. and for some reason she does not want to put it down....

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