James D. Warhammer 40k Fate of Konor - A Warhammer 40k Global Campaign

Start Time 7/27/2017 6:00 PM
End Time 7/27/2017 10:00 PM
Table Miniature Table (x4)
# of Players 1 - 99

The worshippers of Chaos seek to smash a path through the Imperial battle line to Macragge, home world of the Ultramarines. Should they succeed, the greatest Imperial stronghold in the sector will be gravely threatened, and Guilliman’s forces will be cut off and surrounded.

To achieve this end, the forces of Chaos must conquer the powerful, well-located Konor System. The Konor System embodies the glorious dream of Ultramar. Crucially, it also guards one of the few stable warp transit routes to the Macragge System. If the Chaos advance is not halted, Konor will soon fall, and a path to the heartland of Ultramar will be laid bare.

This global campaign will run from July 27th through Sept 10. Post results by playing and winning games or painting a datasheet's worth of models. You can post a win for Chaos, a win for the Imperium or in the case of all other forces remove a win from either the Imperium or Chaos!

On each of the six planets some units feature more prominently than others. You will get double points in the campaign for using a force that contains one or more of these units OR using a painted a datasheet that contains this unit type. So be sure to get ready in our Build event!
Week 1: Space Marines and Start Collecting! sets
Week 2: Elites
Week 3: Tanks
Week 4: Psykers
Week 5: Fast Attack/Flyers
Week 6: Lords of War/Scenery


PlayersWho Is Playing

James D.

The Organizer

David B.

Blood Angels and necrons

Noah W.


Primaris and maybe Custodes


Space Marines

David M.

Space Marines

Duncan C.

Word Bearers

Travis T.

Eldar and maybe some imperium.

My eldar are going to remove a win from chaos everytime. Make Chaos go negative points!

Jerrelle H.

Dark Angels

John J.

Mix of Chaos Marines and Daemons

Tim O.

Space wolves

Corey K.


Christian L.

Necrons/Ad Mech

zach b.

Death Guard